Welcome to the 360° feedback programme for the Society’s Strategic Leadership Team

This is the eighth year that 360° feedback has been rolled out to the Strategic Leadership Team. The aim of this process is to enable individuals to gain a picture, both individually and collectively, of their strengths and development needs.

This year we will be using the behavioural focus areas outlined in the 2018/19 Leadership Group Contract. This is to embed and empower the contract. Each of the five behaviours in the contract has positive indicators underneath it. Please find the five behaviours outlined below for more clarity in what is being asked.

Our behavioural focus areas 2018-2019


  • Continuously learn from what has gone before – outlining what we want to learn at the start and what we did learn at the end
  • Invest in learning – time and resources
  • Lead a learning culture and pass on learning to others


  • Commit to connecting with people affected by dementia
  • Reduce our reliance on email and make yourself available and receptive to others
  • Take a step back, see that you’re part of something bigger and consciously think about who you need to connect with to deliver in an inclusive and non-hierarchical way


  • Stop telling and start asking
  • Clarify what you are asking and establish a shared contract with mutual understanding
  • Choose to speak to people rather than email


  • Value the experience and expertise of our people
  • Prioritise building personal relationships with people – no matter where we’re based and how we connect
  • Listen receptively and responsively


  • Get out of the way – trust and recognise the skill, capability and potential of our teams
  • Develop our own coaching skills
  • Provide clarity of roles and responsibilities – know who is responsible and accountable.

The questionnaire also enables you to provide some open comments under several headings. Although the feedback is anonymous, you are encouraged to put your name to any comments in the free text section of the questionnaire. This will enable the individual you're rating to follow-up on any comments which they'd like to understand more about, or explore further.

The questionnaire should take around 20 minutes to complete. On behalf of the Strategic Leadership Team, thank you for your time and contributions. If you have any queries or have any issues with the system please feel free to contact alice.ancona@alzheimers.org.uk